Thursday, March 22, 2007

Frankenberry Harvest kicks butt at Frank's

The mighty Frankenberry Harvest team had an impressive 7 correct in the Unreasonably Difficult round the night of March 21, sending the previous week's champs, the legendary Group W into So-So Silver place & relegating Some You Never Even Heard Of to Shameful, Shameful Bronze. I might have to refer to Some You... as either Team New Lyric Every Week or the Artist Formerly Known as "Off the Wallers" in order to keep track of these perennial contenders.

The Frankenberries scored an impressive 161 out of 206 possible points (a 6-point question was struck owing to two chuckleheads shouting the same answer), the second-highest point total ever achieved at Frank's. The record was set the previous week by Group W, an awesome 164 out of 210 (two 1-point questions were struck for the same reason). Here in the photo we see the good-looking lads and lass who comprise this brain trust. Did FDR himself have a finer group of young nerds to turn to in times of national crisis? I think not.

I'm fully aware that last night's quiz was quite hard; I'll make it a bit easier next week. Still there were only 3 questions out of 51 which no team managed to get correct, and 4 of the 10 teams figured out the Secret Theme ("the letter K"). Not bad at all, but you people need to bone up on your midget wrestling. Congrats to Frankenberry Harvest, who kicked major butt in the Unreasonably Difficult round (7 correct!) & blew away the field.

Our scores (a perfect score was 206):

Champs: Frankenberry Harvest 161
So-So Silver: Group W 144
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Some You Never Even Heard Of 141

Our Parents Don't Love Us 133
Look at Nick's Tumor 111
Fighting Frank Zappas 87
Better Than a Handjob 70
Piece of Piss Conspiracy* 52
The Mikal* 39
I'd Pee in Her But(t)* 30

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

Note the fulfillment of Randolph's Law; the team names with sexual references finished last both among teams who were present for the whole thing & teams who showed up late.

See you next week folks, hopefully edging closer to 9pm... let's start and end earlier, OK? It's better for everyone.


BigPInk said...

Well done, Frankenberry. As I long suspected, sugary cereal is brain food. I must tell my mother.

QuizMasterChris said...

I cropped the photo & blew you guys up. Hope you're coming back this week to defend the title!

Karen Carpenter said...

God is smiling on you at Frank's...and so am I.

All my best,

Karen C.

QuizMasterChris said...

Thanks, Karen! How's the food in heaven?