Friday, March 30, 2007

Group W wins big, sets records at Dirty Frank's

I know what you're thinking - that doesn't look like Group W at all, it looks like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. Well, you're right, it does look like them. The mystery here is why the rays of the visible spectrum continue to travel around Group W and not allow me to get a decent photograph of them. It's downright spooky. I can assure you that this past week the team was one female and two males, and they more or less looked like this. I try and take a candid shot, I get pop culture celebrity feedback. Mystery meets mystique.

One night after the lowest winning score in QuizMaster Pub Quiz history, we get the highest winning score in same. Group W dominated, scoring 182 out of a possible 207. They also won by the largest margin in the quiz history, 46 ridiculous points. We scratched a question in the fifth round owing to a misfiring neuron of an answer shouter, thus 5 fewer available points. Note the change in the All-Time Top Ten Scores at right. The team called Pi was on the bubble and just got bumped from the list, prompting Dave of Group W to quip that "Pi got rounded down." Smart and funny, these people. Dave also noted in response to the question identifying Helen Keller as a native of Alabama that it was hard to tell as she had no accent. Ba-dump-bump!

Group W also managed to score a perfect 10 in the Unreasonably Difficult round, the one and only time thus far this has happened.
It was an impressive performance to put it mildly. Lil Roy Screamed had a respectable So-So Silver finish; they're climbing the ladder and I expect a win any week now. Jim & Steve finished Shameful, Shameful Bronze, primarily on the strength of being the only team to have any clue at all who has seats in Philadelphia City Council. They scored an impressive 9 of 10 in the Speed round whereas most other teams had 2 or 3 correct.

Champs: Group W 182
So-So Silver: Lil Roy Screamed 136
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Jim & Steve 117

Young Love 114
Frankenberry Harvest 103
Come un droit dans le coup [sic] 93
Team Dudes 86
Piece of Piss Conspiracy* 78
A+* 50
Two Guys* 18

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

I believe that
"Come un droit dans le coup" was aiming at the name Comme un doigt dans le cul, French for "Like a finger in the ass." By my estimation it took about $4,000 worth of my college education to be able to translate and correct that. As it stands the name transliterates as "[nonsense word] a right in the hit." Who says a liberal arts education is useless? I don't know how this plays in to Randolph's Law; on the one hand it's intended as doggerel, on the other it's in a foreign language and poorly rendered. They finished out of the prizes, thus the law is safe any way you cut it.

Note that last week's champs Frankenberry Harvest took it on the chin this week. Such are the cruel fortunes of pub quiz fate. Hope to see you and them next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, Dirty Frank's Wednesday night at 9pm.


Frenchie said...

That should be, Comme un doigt dans le cul. If only you'd spent another $1000...

QuizMasterChris said...

Oops... let me correct that... thanks!