Monday, March 26, 2007

Handy Links for Trivia Geeks

You no doubt notice a new, permanent feature to the right side of this blog; Handy Links for Trivia Geeks. This is somewhat ironic as the word links means "left" in German.

Regardless I thought that this would make a nice addition to the site. You can now bookmark this page and make me your one-stop shop for trivia dispute and reference needs. All you need do now is memorize all of the information found in all of those links, and you should do rather well in QuizMaster Pub Quizzes from here on in. It's that simple.

If anyone has any ideas for additional links please do forward them to me at my email address and I'll add them straight away. I'm not talking about a YouTube link of a piano playing cat here, however amusing that might be, I'm talking about evergreen, useful (?) trivia fodder and reference-bearing materials. Thanks.


Cowbell said...

Wikipedia ia a steaming dunghill.

Cornplanter said...

QuizMasterChris said...

Wikipedia does appear to be staffed by Entry Nazis; they took down my Randolph's Law post!

I like the allmusic idea, I'll be adding that and an all-important anagram generator.