Thursday, March 15, 2007

Group W wins inaugural Dirty Frank's Pub Quiz

To no one's surprise, the feared Group W topped the field at Frank's in that storied venue's inaugural event. As this team simply can't be photographed - they are impervious to the prying rays of the visible spectrum - I give you this artist's rendition of what the pair looks like in person, to the naked eye.

Congratulations to Group W, who won by one question after a game of 49. Competitive!

Champs: Group W 164
So-So Silver: Einstein Disguised as Robin Hood 159
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: S & Man Monkey Warfare 157

Orange Julius 156
Piece of Piss Conspiracy 151
Pi 146
Golden Virginia 136
Steve* (which really was one guy!) 127
Hotel All-Stars 93
Whoops! My Boob Just Fell Out* 48
9" Hose* 29
Snarky Pussy* 23

* indicates team arrived late &/or quit

A couple of teams had challenged an answer. I asked who replaced Mike Schmidt at 3rd base when he was moved to first in 1985. The answer I wanted no one had, I believe this was the only Q all night that no one got correct: Rick Schu. A couple of teams claimed adamantly that it was Chris James. Not only was Schu correct, but I learn today that James didn't start in the majors until 1986, thus this claim is impossible. I'll be sure to mention this next week; the QuizMaster is always right, most especially when the quizmaster happens to really be right.

Note that if you reference human sexual anatomy in your team name, you likely suck. Eventually this may become known as Randolph's Law.

Hope to see you all next week, Frank's shortly after 9!


QuizMasterChris said...

Just checkin' in to test out the Comments function.

Group W said...

We are Group W. Fear us.

Karen Carpenter said...

Dear Quizmaster Chris,

You are coming in...loud and, on the other side.

Best wishes,
Karen C.