Sunday, March 28, 2010

Your five-week quiz tournament standings after Week 1

These are the overall standings after one week. Cumulative totals will be posted weekly.

I sifted out low-scoring teams we don't see at most quizzes on the assumption that they wont be factors, but still have a record of their scores should they return with some degree of success. Much to the shame of some regulars, I do expect to see you again soon and thus posted your lower-than-potential scores below. There are gobs of points still available so no one should feel as if they've been mathematically elimated yet because of a weak debut.

Thus far I've locked down some cool trivia-related games and books as part of the prize package, which I think you quiz geeks (and I use that term with fond regards) will appropriately spazz over.

Below I've color-coded the teams by bar; keep in mind there will be one overall winner. In the cases in which teams have a general tendency to re-use aname or variations on a name I've listed them below by that usual name instead of what they happened to use this week.

You all played the same quiz this week except for the 40-point Subject Round. The Draught Horse team Dr. Green Thumb set a new low this week with 15 points through 6 rounds of what appeared to me to be an earnest attempt to answer all questions, and I'd be surprised to see them again. If we do, I'll add 'em in.

Red = El Camino Real
Orange = 12 Steps Down
Green = The Draught Horse

Nation of Quizlam 152
The Nudist Balloonists 145
Boston Tea-Bag Party 138
Parent Thesis 130
Lil' Roy 125
Northern Iowa Killed Our Brackets 114
Wanton Negligence 113
Thundercats Ho! 112
Just Because I Dress Like a Nazi... 112
King Shit of Fuck Mountain 109
Hangin' with Mr. Cooper 107
Big Bushy Beard Like Merlin 102
Kensington Hookers Against Cockfighting 101
The Booyesses 98
Those Four Assholes at the Bar 94
Wallbangers 93
Zeta Jota 91
Shrine of the Silver Monkey 89
Evile Ukrainian Penguins 88
Rape Factory 76
Pies = Punches 70
Clumsy Pelicans 66
Quizzie McGuire 61
NcNutt 44
D.T.s 35

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