Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Some random images of Guatemala

I really like Guatemala. I've been three times for vacation, back in 1997 or so, in 2005 I believe and again just a couple of summers ago. Guatemala City (or more acurately Antigua, the charming hamlet - and original Guatemala City until ruined by a series of earthquakes - which has become one of Latin America's backpacking tourist centers 45 minutes away) is about the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the Mayan world/northern Central America.

I've bought a couple of external back-up drives lately to store my photos and music, and in doing some file maintenance it occured to me that maybe I could make this site a little more interesting by dipping into my archives of thousands of images. Enjoy. If I get feedback on this I might post some other shots of other places later.

The privately-owned inter-city buses that form much of Guatemala's transport system are individually and brightly decorated

Men in the traditional garb of Solola state preparing for the Sunday market in Chichicastenango

Scene from the Sunday market in Chichicastenango, in a rural mountain area where Spanish is a secondary language to local Mayan dialects

Guatemala City street performer in the Parque Central... wait for it... waaaaait foooor iiiit...


Goats being led down the middle of the street, Guatemala City, on a Sunday, about 1 block from the center of national government

Catholic Sunday procession, Antigua

Mayan ladies enjoying a ferris wheel in Antigua.
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