Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Removed once again from the Wikipedia "Quizzo" entry... and self-reinstated

For about the fifth time in the past couple of years, the link to this URL in the External Links section of the Wikipedia entry for quizzo was removed. I'm usually targeted for removal by the National Trivia Association because I'm the only web presence who periodically points out that the NTA is not national, is not an association, and sucks at generating trivia.

I check once every few months and, when I remember to do so, the link to this blog is usually missing. This time I caught it after a week, but sometimes the link goes missing for months. I simply don't have the kind of time to undo the NTA's douchebaggery that they have to enact it. The high irony here is that the current, coherent entry with correct spelling and full English-language sentences you see today was largely my work. If any of you folks are Wiki-regulars, I'd appreciate the restoration of the link to here if you check in on "Quizzo" every now and again. QuizmasterChris does exist here in the city where American quizzo started, I have maintained this blog for 3 years, I have played and/or hosted the game regularly in this city since 1996 and goddamn it, I have the tiniest of promotional links here due.
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johnny said...

The wikipedia "quizzo" page has been more or less hijacked by some strange, powerful force. Someone posted a link on it to my website, and it was taken down because it was seen as "promoting business". A) my website generates zero revenue and B) why does it allow a link to NTAs page? C) does that mean that I can take down the link to McDonald's website on their wiki page? I wish I knew what the hell was going on there.

Andy Breslin said...

Here here! Well kvetched!