Monday, March 22, 2010

America's health insurance industry is corrupt and defective - so now the IRS will force you to give them money

Only the Democratic Party of the United States would call this enormity "reform." I call it 535 Congresspeople, One Cup.This is why I vote for Ralph every four years. If you want to see something with British The Office-level discomfort, watch Dennis "Droopy Dog" Kucinich get torn a new one by Nader on Democracy Now!. Dennis looks like a Soviet official in 1953 admitting to his crimes against the state before being shipped off to an accidental death in the gulag. Such are the wages of major party loyalty. The Obama people bludgeoned Kucinich because he was going to be the only left-leaning vote in both houses of Congress on this shit, and when they tallied everything up it turned out they didn't even need his vote! How bad is it? Kucinich is offering rebates to people who contributed to his campaign because he campaigned as a foil of the insurance industry who'd vote against them. Rebates. When will the Obama people return the "hope and change" campaign money? Even in an act of treachery and cowardice, Kucinich still manages to out-honest Obama on that one.

People like to say Nader's a straight shooter because he isn't in office. This is precisely backward; he isn't in office because he's a straight shooter. In the land of liars, the guy telling the truth is the one who's going to be maligned.

This excellent checklist (written by single payer advocates, not Teabaggers) is a wonderful synopsis of why this bill is literally worse than nothing. And even that list doesn't get into any detail of the Howard Dean-engineered gifts to the biotech industry in the fine print. The icing on the cake is that the bill calls for Medicare cuts, which in a sidelong way is actually proving one of the Teabaggers' charges correct.

Remember, folks: Republicans stab you in the front and Democrats stab you in the back. It's the two party system!
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