Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Still no casinos in Philadelphia as police and fire personnel face cutbacks

You read it here first, folks. Image at left: fearful honkies who've never lived in a city before bitching about their pseudo-problems.

Philadelphia's police department and fire department join the list of swimming pools, libraries and other essential public services that first world countries generally provide which are on the chopping block.

The anti-casino groups have blocked hundreds of millions of dollars in private investment from creating tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue and a couple thousand working class jobs. Gee, thanks.

So if you're getting raped and/or shot while your house is on fire this summer, and no one seems to be on their way to assist you, be sure to thank the good folks from Casino Free Philadelphia, the yuppie fucks who in many cases are enjoying a decade of property tax-free living in their new construction.

From their website: "Casino-Free Philadelphia's mission is to stop casinos from coming to Philadelphia and close any that open. [Note this means any claims that particular locations are a problem is an outright lie.] The social and economic costs of casinos are plainly apparent from an industry reliant on addiction to survive."

The social and economic costs of mass unemployment and no cops or firemen while rich people get property tax breaks is kinda big too, no? I've been to that place. It's called the Third World.

To be sure generally you can thank a few decades of Reaganomics at the national, state and local levels (Ed Rendell and Michael Nutter included) for Philadelphia's woes. You can thank corrupt fat fucks like Bob Brady and Joan Krajewski for double-dipping their city pensions on their laughable city "jobs" for years. You can thank every Milton Friedman- and Thomas Friedman-inspired supply-side, "free market" asshole in the Western world. But proximally? Kick a "casino-free" (freedom free, revenue free, job free...) advocate square in the nuts. It won't solve things long-term, but you'll feel better short term. And with police cutbacks you probably won't get arrested.
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