Friday, August 14, 2009

The Philadelphia Dog Drowners are dead to me

Animal torturer in? I'm out.

I've been behind this team for more than 30 years. No more. I'm out. Done. I hope they go 0-16. I will be pulling for Tony Romo twice this season. I will not watch a game, listen to a game or consume any Eagles merch. Fuck 'em. This team could do one thing that would ruin football for me, and they did. Using a stadium that they extrorted from the city and state. After suing the bankrupt city that is their home for $8 million that Lurie would still have a billion dollars without.

Fry, Eagles, fry... on the road to perdition.

Lurie is a scumbag for even holding off on this until after the last SRO tickets were sold. Thousands of fans now hold tickets for games that make them sick to attend.

Andy Reid is a fat loser fraud. All of these years talking about having "character" players, then late in his career in a desperate attempt to steal some thunder from a successful Phillies club, it all goes out the window in spectacular fashion. I'm going to scream if I hear one more religious nut talk about the power of supernatural redemption. How about the power of personal responsibility? How about making good on what you fuck up here on Earth?

Ron Mexico is twisted scum. The punk has had about 6 chances in life that 99.999% of law-abiding citizens never get and now people whine that he deserves a "second" chance! Some things you do and you've checked out of society. Electrocuting, shooting and drowning animals in your care for shits and giggles checks you out of society. So does repeatedly lying about it to federal investigators. What a punk-ass pussy. Vick has not actually served his debt to society; this would involve years cleaning the shit out of a shelter or at the very least getting kneecapped. It would involve, perhaps, giving 98% of any money he makes from a football contract to a pitbull rehab program.

The NFL should be ashamed to be packaging this scumbag as family-friendly entertainment. Vick has a right to make a living, sure... and he can do that with an honest job that doesn't involve being a role model for kids.

I'm gonna trash my McNabb jersey too. I couldn't take his craven, patronizing excuse-making for Vick tonight. Maybe after McNabb choked and puked in the Super Bowl we should have put electrodes on his balls? That's the Vick approach to motivation and failure, after all. "There are worse crimes." Really? Not many worse things than torturing a mammal. Between Lynne Abraham's comments a couple of nights ago and the Eagles tonight, that's two Philadelphia institutions in 3 days stating that torture and brutality are acceptable.

And, hey, thanks Eagles for giving the city another issue that can go racial in 2 nanoseconds. We really needed that.

As far as "instructing the community" about dogfighting, or felonies in general? Yes, the community is being instructed. The lesson is: you'll get away with it. There's really nothing you can do that won't be forgiven if the rich can get richer from supporting you. Maybe we can pick up a kidfucker tight end from NAMBLA and hire a former concentration camp guard as defensive coordinator. Where's the line? Is there one?

America is not a place, nor is there a place in a world, where you get a "second chance" at even solid middle class careers when you commit a series of high-profile brutal felonies. Vick couldn't get a license now to teach kids, be a cop or fireman, or hold a license in any other professional field. He can't buy a gun. In many states he wouldn't be able to vote. But he gets to be a multi-millionaire for whom five million people are supposed to cheer? Barf.

And fuck the "Humane Society" for allowing themselves to provide cover for this shit. How much money was shoveled their way for this, and how much is going right to bloated executive salaries? They never get a penny from me again.

No good deed goes unpunished, no treachery goes unrewarded.

He sucks as a QB too. 7.4 yards per attempt? 75 lifetime rating? I'm almost that effective a passer.
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Dave of W said...

I wonder what they'll be serving on Dollar Dog night

NateD said...

Not to be insensitive, but may I have your McNabb jersey?

QuizMasterChris said...

If I can locate it, sure.