Friday, July 6, 2007

Group W wins Frank's shoot-out, regains title

Group W, who appear at left (every time I try and get a clear photo, something strange happens to the lens!), are back in the driver's seat at Frank's, having staved off two strong contenders in a hard quiz. W was the only team to earn even partial credit for the Secret Theme. Props to newcomers LAW 81 for getting 8 of 10 in the tricky Americanismania Subject round, a group of 10 patriotic questions for the Fourth. There were multiple lead changes in the contest, which is what I like to see.

Thanks to everyone who came out. braving the thunderstorms and choosing the quiz over Hall & Oates plus fireworks!

Your scores follow. Unfortunately these are out of a possible 206 instead of 212, as two miscreants shouted answers directly after I reminded people not to, just to be asses. I work too hard on writing the questions and marketing the quiz to have jackholes crap upon it, which is why that behavior gets such harsh response.

This week I actually told people not to shout answers in three languages (English about 12 times) only to have an answer shouted immediately thereafter. My only regrets are that everyone has to be exposed to small number of asses who delight in ruining our fun, and that ignorance itself is not immediately physically painful to the ignorant.

Beautiful Gold: Group W 153
So-So Silver: Rosemary, Lily & the Jack of Hearts 137
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: LAW 81 129


Slaughterfest 2007 101
Chrevallee 75
Denise & Michelle 73
I Have Terrets [sic] 65

During the quiz I suggested that "terrets" might be the progeny of Terrell Owens and a ferret. "Someone get that mammal a contract!"

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