Friday, July 6, 2007

Controversial win at Ray's

The team called Hall & Oates Are the Greatest Duo of All Time won a controversial, low-scoring affair at Ray's on Tuesday, At issue was the team's size, which grew throughout the night. I've always maintained that team size is no larger than 6, but these guys grew gradually and I really should have said something at some point before things got out of hand.

The team was one person at the beginning of the first round, friends showed up and it was 3 by the end of the round, 5 after two rounds and so forth until metastasis set in and half of the roo
m was on one team by the end of the sixth round. The full usual prize was not awarded as a result, and second place finishers and sometimes Ray's champs Johnny Gloryhole may have some prize coming as a result. My apologies to all involved. From now on I announce a team limit of 6 and stick to it; I simply haven't been lucky enough to get teams that large at either venue in the past.Kudos to Peacock Vampires for having the best Unreasonably Difficult round with the smallest team! The Last Place Prize this week was a book on how to do cowboy rope tricks. What you do with that is your business ...


Beautiful Gold: Hall & Oates Are the Greatest Duo of All Time 125
So-So Silver: Johnny Gloryhole 102
Shameful, Shameful Bronze: Dildo Baggins & The Indigo Boys 96


Peacock Vampires 91
Kisses for Kittens 81

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