Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Announcing the Second Annual Spring QuizmasterChris All-Quiz Tournament

These ladies are excited because they just learned that the Second Annual Spring Quizmaster Chris All-Quiz Tournament is well nigh upon us.

This will be run same as last year, when Nation of Quizlam of The Draught Horse crushed everyone and walked away with the Prize Package of nerdy books and games plus a signed Chris Pronger NHL Winter Classic hockey stick.

It's pretty simple, folks.  Your team plays once/week at any combination of the venues I host and the team with the highest cumulative score over the next five weeks wins this year's Prize Package.  No one need do anything special to enter; you might want to at least note if you change team names who you were in a previous week to ensure points are tallied correctly.

The usual weekly prizes apply at all venues; this is in addition to those.

I will put up a running tally of the standings on the blog weekly as I did last year, with teams color-coded by bar.  All teams will be posted weekly unless they are mathematically eliminated from the possibility of winning.

Good quizzing!

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