Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Comcast gains 1 million subscribers, thanks employees by laying them off

No longer a Comcast customer, I haven't had call for many Comcast Sucks posts of late. This news item, however, is of interest.

Comcast saw profits rise 22.5% in the third quarter of this year and gained nearly 1 million new subscribers (digital conversion must have helped). In order to deal with the additional customers, and seeing as how they do such a great job with existing ones, they've decided to lay people off! This is an out of control business that keeps growing even though they are completely unable to do basic things like bill correctly, answer a phone call or send a trained tech out to a location to fix their frequent outtages within 8 hours of an appointment.

Keep this in mind the next time they want some tax break. So much for "trickle down" benefits to the community; money in, people out.

Comcast, you suck.
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