Thursday, March 5, 2009

Photo backlog disgorging

I don't always remember to bring the camera, then I don't always remember to use it when I do. And then I get behind on site updates and nothing happens with the photos in any event. Sigh...

These people won games at various venues over the past several weeks. You know who
you are, and now the world can see your victory.

You know what hasn't happened in a very long time? No one has made any movement on the Top Ten scores list. Lil' Roy, your 189 point wonders and former Dirty Frank's regulars, have won the past two weeks running at 12 Steps Down with scores as high as 152, but no one's even topped 160 in a while, let alone scraped the 180 mark. Is the quiz harder than it used to be, or is this simply an artifact of the top three teams playing very rarely these days?

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