Sunday, March 29, 2009

New quiz update - coming to Northern Liberties soon!

This week I'll be firming up a day and time for a new early-week quiz at a cool food-serving location in Northern Liberties. You will be updated as I have news to impart. Hooray!

The West Philly quiz didn't pan out. I was told that I was one of 100 (?!) people being interviewed, and being "the most together" person they interviewed actually hurt me. Apparently the bar was looking for "oddball amateurs" without "strong personalities" that might "jeopardize the brand we've worked hard to create." This at a bar that hasn't been open for a year.

Even having a format and answer sheet already hurt me, as they had a "branded" answer sheet, although it wasn't clear to me that anyone realized that the sheet would dictate a format.

Once again someone gets an MBA or a marketing degree and ruins another little corner of the world as a result. On the plus side, strangers didn't think I was "oddball" and/or "amateur." I'll take it.
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