Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sharks, Fab 5 top field at Temple Sinai

What did you do Saturday night? I hosted a megillah but haymish quiz night at Temple Sinai Social Hall up in Tenafly, New Jersey. Somehow I've become the northern Jersey synagogue go-to entertainment goy, which is gants gut bei mir.

Temple Sinai had a lot of prizes to give away, so we kinda broke the night into the first four rounds, won by those nudniks the Kvetches with a respectable 85, and the last two, won by The Fab 5 with a nice 71, with a shaygets or two on that team.

Totaling scores we have:

Beautiful Gelt: oy vey is mir, tie!
The Fab 5 139
Sharks 139
Bissela Bronze: Kvetches 122


Smart Asses 100

A sheynam dank!
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1 comment:

Dave of W said...

"go-to goy" ... I like that