Friday, November 14, 2008

Chris Cosh Sucks wins once-every-six-weeks-or-so University of Maryland alum quiz at the Field House

... while a speed-dating event went on in the same area, and while a group of Virginia Tech alum group watched their football game with the sound up right next to me. Next time, could we book a live band, and maybe some jugglers?

Chris Cosh is the Maryland defensive coordinator apparently. Now you know.

Fun group, I'll see you folks again in January!

Beautiful Gold: Chris Cosh Sucks 136
So-So Silver: tie
Beat the Dirty Feet 133
Saucy Intruders 133


Fuck 'Em Bucky 132
The Victors (Go Blue!) 120
We've Got Chutzpah (Oy Vey!) 116
Florida State 97
Three Amigos 79
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