Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What was up with the blog + this week's theme

A lot of Widgets available to Blogger users were hijacked a couple of weeks ago to drive traffic toward a provider of blog services via a redirect of the entire blog.  As soon as the Widget loaded you were sent to the other site.  This seems a supremely stupid way to encourage business, but that's what they did.

It took about 10 seconds to research what was causing the problem, but I had to set aside some time to comb through the code in the Widgets to determine which was/were the problem one(s), and I didn't really have time for that until today.

This blog is supplemental to the quiz, and there's always still going to be a quiz unless I state the previous week or on here that there will not be.  And how often does that happen, maybe once or twice/year on Christmas or New Year's Eve..?  Even when I'm not in the city I get coverage otherwise.

For the record last week's subject was Architecture.

Wednesday, October 29, 7:30pm
12 Steps Down 
9th & Christian Sts.
Subject Round: U.S. PRESIDENTS

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