Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tonight's quiz cancelled owing to yuck

I have a very nasty bug that came on suddenly (as in "projectile vomiting for distance records") Monday night.  Originally I thought I could tough it out by tonight but unless you'd like to be squirted with the various liquids continuing to shoot out of my rear I don't think this is a good idea.  I tried to get short-notice coverage to no avail.  I really hate cancelling and have done plenty of quizzes in the past when under the weather; this isn't the normal tummy ache, I have some intestinal Alien-style creature in me.

On the whole I'm feeling better than I was 36 hours ago - not saying much - but still pretty weak and leaky. Yesterday I was too weak even to really bother with a blog post.  At the moment I'm holding down Saltines and watered-down Gatorade like a champ and should be up and around shortly.  Another few days of this and I'll be on a catwalk.

The quiz will be back next week provided I don't end up in some CDC relocation program.  My apologies.

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