Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Black Pope... no, not that one

There might be an actual black pope now that Pope Hitler Youth XVI is retiring to spend more time with his non-family, dodging questions about buggered altar boys.

First a kinda sorta visually blackesque US president and now maybe an outright African Bishop of Rome.  What a rough several years for the working class American Catholic bigot.   This might be enough for all the correct miserable old folks to aneurysm themselves right off the voter registration rolls (in those parts of Philadelphia where dying does indeed do this in any event).

Seeing as "black pope" is becoming and will become a hot search engine topic, I remind or introduce the reader to someone I mentioned on this blog a few years back: The Black Pope.

If HTML 5 isn't on speaking terms with your device, that player might not work.  Just try clicking the link.  And you're welcome.

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