Monday, September 24, 2012

Lil' Roy Breaks Their Own All-Time High Score Record by One Point

Some four and a half years after setting the all-time record in my quiz format at 189 out of an available 219 points, most of the Lil' Roy crew plus a lone (and temporarily abandoned) member of usual challengers Lady Snark topped that by a single point last Wednesday.

The team had a perfect 10 in the Easy round, but followed with only 16 of the 20 available points in the second frame.  They then scored an extra point on the Speed round by finishing first - very out of character for this group, and correctly answered 9 of those 10.  Eight of 10 in the final round and an outstanding Secret Theme round, naturally with the correct theme for the 8 bonus points, really put them over the top.

Job well done!  It took you guys nearly 5 years, about 250 quizzes, but I am impressed.

On the all-time leader board this makes the first appearance in quite some time of any team at 12 Steps Down a #1, drops their own previous mark into second, bumps everyone down a notch and eliminates the longest-running Draught Horse team, now going by the moniker Nudist Balloonists, from the board completely.  This also means that in its fifth year, the Draught Horse now has zero of ten scores on the leader board.  I'm looking to Nudist Balloonists, No Means Anal or the other name-changing, multiple-year veteran regulars to correct that.

Moving into tenth place (actually a tie for ninth) now requires 185 big points.

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