Monday, December 12, 2011

Last Draught Horse quiz of term might happen this Thursday

Wednesday, December 14, 7:30pm
12 Steps Down
9th & Christian Sts.
Subject Round: NUMBERS

Thursday, December 15, 9pm
The Draught Horse
Broad St. & Cecil B. Moore Ave.

I had thought given Temple's quite early term beginning and ending this year that last Thursday's quiz was the last of the term. At Friday night's spelling bee event management suggested that people might still be showing up to the bar as late as next week, thus we are tentatively scheduling the new last Draught Horse quiz for 2011 for the usual time on December 15. This is apparently the plan until and unless I hear otherwise (i.e. that the bar has been dead all week therefore no point in attempting to do a quiz). I will update this site immediately if I hear we're calling it off, default expect another quiz on Thursday.

Speaking of the spelling bee...  We've now had three of them.  I've asked a total of about 320 words and around 20 of those have been spelled correctly.  Is that spelling is an impossible task, or just at Temple (this I'm willing to believe; I see your quiz answer sheets every week), or just for the people who drink at Draught Horse on Friday nights?

It's going to be a busy week, I'm doing a couple of holiday office parties during the day, and Friday evening for the fifth consecutive year a quiz at the Union League for one of their Xmas shindigs.

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