Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First ever slap bet connected to this week's Futurama subject round... not kidding

This was *NOT* my idea, should the courts become involved.  It's just a thing happening near me that I'm not discouraging and will be collecting video to share.  But not, for the record, my idea.

A couple of players from the Temple U. upper-tier team of regulars The Nudist Balloonists have each laid claim to being the bigger Futurama expert.  Whichever one of them performs more poorly in the 4th round at Draught Horse this Thursday evening will be subject to a slappening.  Stay tuned for video - and crucial audio.

While I have a problem with dogfighting, people voluntarily subjecting each other to potential pain and humiliation is fine by me.  Whatever floats your proverbial boat.

Wednesday, September 13, 7:30pm

12 Steps Down
9th & Christian Sts.

Thursday, September 14, 9pm
The Draught Horse
Broad St. & Cecil B. Moore Ave.
Subject Round: FUTURAMA

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