Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first game created on Sporcle - Can you name the world's 100 Largest Metro Areas?

Anyone who has played my quizzes knows what a geography enthusiast I am. Thus it should be no surprise that my first Sporcle creation is a sort of demented geography mega-Speed Round, naming the world's 100 Largest Metro Areas (not merely cities within their boundaries) in 15 minutes.

When I tried to do this timing myself by writing down answers before looking up a source, I could come up with no more than 87. Back when I had my global socioeconomic data job I think I would have hit a few more.  I'd love to know how you did, what you think of the game and of my publication of these games (if registered with Sporcle feel free to comment either here or there) and so forth.  If people enjoy this there will be more to come.  If you've published games yourself, do let me know.

And don't think a shorter version of this won't be an upcoming Speed round in the quiz!  Not this week, but soon my pretties, soon...

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