Saturday, April 16, 2011

2011 Tournament standings Week 2

A smaller than normal turnout and relatively low scores in Week 1 mean that your squad still stands a good chance in the five-week tourney even having missed a game, or from a purely mathematical standpoint two games.  Urban Homestead had the highest overall score in a tough Week 2 quiz with an impressive 153, but didn't play Week 1.  Luckily for most of you as well I'm not so sure that Anpan Man will get in all 5 weeks... possibly not even 4.

I'm going to keep team scores up until people drop out of possible contention in absolute terms, no matter how low they are present.  In fairness some teams at the bottom of the list arrived late or went home / gave up early.

Teams are color-coded by bar:

El Camino Real
12 Steps Down
The Draught Horse

Lil' Roy Rogers Hornsby 283
Send Shane Back to San Diego (For Real) 267
Anpan Man 260
Nudist Balloonists 254
Westboro Baptist Church 235
LadySnark 186
Dudes Abide 166
Urban Homestead 153
Bunnies Are Coot! 143
El 129
The Golden Jeedz 121 
Magna Farta 107
Michael Thinks... 101
Buddy Bunbar 100
No Means Anal 92
Team Canada 85
Thelma & Ruiz 80
Perplexed Erection 79
Run for It, Marty, It's the Libyans! 74
Tiger Blood 73
El Guapo 67
Team Scola 67
We're Trying But We're Old 67
Anita Dickinme 66
The Corner Couple 65
Itchy Itchy Elbow 63
The Clap 59
(Not) Focused 57
Team Dignity 53
Dixie Wrecked 51
S & M 50
TU Nation 45
Number One 44
Phuk You 42
Jo & Ace 37
Green Apple Splatters 32

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