Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SkyTruth and The Oil Drum: Two of your only sources for the truth about the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster

With the corporate media, the White House, the Coast Guard (who apparently now take direct orders from British Petroleum) and even the NOAA downplaying the extent of the disaster, I point you to a couple of solid sources of informed fact and opinion on it all.

SkyTruth for the past few years has used satelite imagery to track the truth of the scope of environmental crimes. Their awesome site has a blog devoted lately to the developing story, and a great project called the Gulf Oil Spill Tracker to let Gulf and East Coast residents be their own media. SkyTruth is estimating the size of the spill to be one or more orders of magnitude larger than official sources have claimed.

The Oil Drum is a forum for discussion of Peak Oil issues. In the news and comments sections you'll find a great deal of often technical discussion about what must really be going on, mostly from current and former petroleum drilling and engineering professionals.

With a general censorship of imagery and real news about the disaster coming from the government, BP and corporate media, websites like these are an underutilized resource to keep from being ignorant of reality.
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