Monday, October 12, 2009

Quiz schedule directly tied to Phillies' schedule

Dependent upon how well the Phils do, what time MLB in its infinite wisdom schedules Phillies games to the maximum inconvenience of Phillies fans, and the weather, the quizzes will or won't happen.

Phils game at that time? No quiz. No Phils game? Quiz. Thinking about shooting for post-game quiz at El Camino, time allowing... assuming there is a game tomorrow night at all... otherwise, quiz normal time.

I was so hamstrung with the schedule last week that I ended up not posting anything, seeing as quizzes were called off and then called back on again, and in one case switched twice.

"Thank you, Bud Selig!" And hey thanks from all the kids in the Philadelphia area who had two Phillies games scheduled while they were in school with the third ending 2:15am on a Monday. Thanks a whole damn lot, you Scrooges! Maybe the Phils could get a better schedule if they won the World Series the previous year..?
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Anonymous said...

OK -- so the Phillies won - it's still on for tonight at El Camino, right? What's the theme -- and if the theme is in plain site on your blog, next weeks theme can be that I'm an idiot.

QuizMasterChris said...

Quiz on for tonight, I actually haven't decided on a theme yet believe it or not...

ahanish said...

Blame the Rockies. The combined population of the Philadelphia & Denver metro areas is by far the smallest of the 4 division series matchups. Splitting LA in half won't help either, 1/2 of LA + STL or Bos would still be bigger. That doesnt even include the so called 'Red Sox Nation'. Ditto for splitting NYC metro.