Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life imitates Idiocracy

This is a movie:

This is reality:

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Kathy said...

My favorite part is when the guy says that he is holding the U.S.S. Constitution. His arm must be really tired.

Catherine said...

He's got a book...called the U.S.S. Constitution...Old Ironsides has been recycled, apparently.

I know there must be legitimate reasons that some people oppose this bill, because it's a huge bill and certainly it must have a few flaws, but it seems like people at these events don't know any legitimate reasons. They always talk about how Obama is Hitler and somehow also a commie bastard. It's a shame that opportunities for US citizens to voice their opinions on serious matters of state and people's lives end up like this. I would love to hear some real reasons why this is a bad idea, and have an actual exchange about pros vs cons, but I suppose that is a far-off dream...