Tuesday, April 28, 2009

El Camino quiz moving on over to Tuesday nights

Sooo... I get to El Camino Real (1040 N. 2nd St.) for the first-ever quiz on Sunday and it turns out that none of the staff were expecting me, or any quiz, beyond the fact that some customers showed up 90 minutes early (from my perspective) and started asking why I was "late."

The co-manager who hired me weeks ago either was fired or quit and neglected to inform anyone I'd be there on April 26th. She did apparently advertise the event, but not at the time I understood we agreed on.

The good news: the new manager is amenable to the quiz, and agreed with me that Tuesday nights at 9pm make a lot more sense, which will begin the first week of May.

We're starting with a $25 prize for first and add certificates if/when people show up. I'll be entering upcoming quizzes in the schedule posts as normal, beginning with the last one.

We had a quiz by the by, four teams and a winning score of 108.
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