Monday, December 22, 2008

Centocor finally coughs up a check

Friday afternoon I was FedExed a soaking wet envelope (accepted as damaged at the driver's suggestion) with my darn check. I let it dry overnight, scraped it off of the inside of the envelope on Saturday and was fortunately able to deposit it.

What does this tell us? My invoice was acceptable/accepted all along. I never did need to fill out a W-9. And the 20 or so hours I spent wrestling with Centocor's obstructionist staff, opaque phone reception set-up and all other aspects of their bureaucracy in order to honor our agreement were a total waste of my time. "Hey, thanks, Centocor!"

Seasons Greetings indeed to the folks in Hopewell, New Jersey who've been Googling my full name and their company's name. Good use of our time, no? Also a hearty Wassail to the Centocor folks who have taken some time out of their busy trashing-each-other schedule on Cafepharma to pop by.

This is for you:

A person shouldn't have to pitch a fit and resort to public shaming campaign to get paid. I was talking with a friend of mine who's run her own business for years, and she said that from time to time she has to turn into a full-time collections agent in order to get contracts paid. Her "favorite" incident was spending two years to get a $2000 check. Two
years. Apparently at the end of the struggle someone at the company said "We didn't know you were still interested in the money." What's wrong with people these days?
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